Wingers is dedicated to serving Amazing food to all of our guests regardless of allergies, sensitivities, or dietary choices. We thought we would highlight some of our menu items that are safe (and delicious!) for our gluten-sensitive and vegan/vegetarian guests.


  • None of our sauces (except for the Thai Red Chili) contain gluten and we prepare our gluten-free wings in a separate fryer, so you can enjoy our signature Amazing sauce and wings.
  • All tacos are gluten-free with corn tortillas and our burgers are gluten-free upon request.
  • We train our staff to make sure there is no cross-contamination between items that contain gluten and items that don’t.


  • Our “Veggi Head” menu section is dedicated to our vegetarian guests. These menu items feature a “Beyond Burger” patty that is 100% plant protein and vegan-friendly!
  • Most of our Veggi Head section is also gluten-free (some upon request) so guests that are GF and vegetarian have choices!

Click Here to View Our NEW Gluten-Free & Vegetarian Menu Options

Wingers Restaurants understands how important it is to have food that you can enjoy worry-free, and we hope that we will always be there to provide that for our guests!

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