We all know a devoted Wingers fan in our life. Did you know that we bottle our famous, signature sauce and sell it for special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, and Every Meal You Ever Eat? McDonald’s get on our level!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come by the gallon. But if you buy enough bottles, you should be able to fill up a gallon. If you do this and someone tells you not to drink sauce directly out of the gallon, tell them to leave you alone because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. 

WINGERS Amazing Sauce

Bottles of Original Amazing Sauce can be purchased at any Wingers location, or on our website. 

If sauce isn’t enough, you can always spring for a Wingers Gift Card. For every $25 gift card purchased, you’ll get a $5 Wingback Card to use on your next visit. You can keep the Wingback for yourself and we won’t tell anyone.

The $5 Wingback deal is only available in-store until December 31, so make sure to make a pitstop at Wingers this weekend (and grab some lunch while you’re at it).

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