WINGER Bros. Brewing Company

WINGER Bros. Brewing Company locally brews a variety of beers with unique flavor profiles.

Each beer is only available in WINGERS Restaurants and was designed to pair with our diverse food menu.

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Amazing Blonde Craft Beer

Amazing Blond Craft Beer

A lightly colored, Kolsch-style beer influenced from the Cologne, Germany area. This Golden Ale is mildly hop-accented, top fermented, and filtered. WINGERS Amazing Blonde is refreshing with only a slight bitter quality. With a dry finish, an Amazing Blonde pairs well with chicken, seafood, pasta, and wings or fingers!


Kings Pale Ale Craft Beer

Kings Tale Pale Ale Craft Beer

A classic American Northwest Pale Ale. Malts and hops mingle together in a perfect combination. Hints of caramel and molasses. Slightly fruity, finishes dry and is highly refreshing. Kings Tale is a versatile beer, so you can enjoy it with a variety of Wingers menu items including burgers, wings, and fajitas.

Kings Tale

Hazy Wheat Hefeweizen Craft Beer

Hazy Wheat Hefeweizen Craft Beer

Pleasantly fresh with a hint of yeast and malty influences. A light spiciness and floral quality. To preserve the authenticity of this American Style unfiltered wheat beer, the yeast has not been removed. This beer is typically served with a lemon to enhance the naturally-occurring citrus flavors. Hazy Wheat Hefeweizen pairs well with chicken, fajitas, tacos, grilled chicken, pasta, and burgers.

Hazy Wheat Hefeweizen

Bootleg Porter Craft Beer

Bootleg Porter Craft Beer

Delicate hop character balances a mild bitterness. Hints of dark chocolate and espresso mixed with fruit. Mildly sweet. Bootleg Porter pairs well with classic hearty dishes such as steak, pot pies, fajitas, and burgers. We also suggest that you try a Bootleg Porter with one of WINGERS’ signature desserts, like a fresh baked Cookie Zookie. Other WINGER Bros. Brewing Company beers are available seasonally.

Bootleg Porter