WINGER Bros. Brewing Company

WINGER Bros. Brewing Company locally brews a variety of beers with unique flavor profiles.

Each beer is only available in WINGERS Restaurants and was designed to pair with our diverse food menu.

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Beer Menu Varies by Location

WINGERS Rotating Seasonal Craft Beer

Rotating Seasonal –  Fall* Imperial Pumpkin Stout – 6.66% ABV

What kind of madman would cross an imperial stout with a pumpkin ale? Our brewers, as it turns out. This rich, chocolatey frankenbrew is dry-spiced and scary good.

*Coming in September

WINGERS Rotating Seasonal Craft Beer

Rotating Seasonal – Summer Blueberry Hefeweizen – 4.8% ABV

This aromatic fruit beer is ripe for the picking. Juicy blueberry meets malted wheat for a light, earthy and balanced take on a fruited wheat hefeweizen.

WINGERS Slay IPA Craft Beer

Slay IPA – India Pale Ale – 5% ABV

Boasting notes of pineapple and orange, our tropical IPA is fruity, unfiltered and easy-drinking at 5% ABV. Get ready to slay some hops with Slay IPA.

WINGERS Slay IPA Craft Beer

Slay DIPA – Double India Pale Ale – 9% ABV

A mighty hop-lover’s dream, Slay DIPA adds malty backbone to an intense imperial IPA. This insanely smooth dry-hopped ale has everything: 9% ABV, 72 IBU’s, get ready to slay some serious hops.

WINGERS Citrus Kiss Seltzer

Citrus Kiss – Grapefruit Spiked Seltzer – 5% ABV

Clean, crisp, and crafted with adventure in mind, our spiked sparkling seltzer takes you from the mountainside to the tropics with the tart sweetness of juicy ruby red grapefruit. Low cal with a kiss of big citrus flavor.
(recommended serving over a small amount of ice)

Amazing Blonde Craft Beer

Amazing Blonde – Golden Ale – 5% ABV

This is one smokin’ blonde. Our premium barley pairs perfectly with domestic and imported Golding hops for a subtle bitterness and a smooth, delicate finish.


WINGERS Kings Tale Craft Beer

Kings Tale – Pale Ale – 5% ABV

This rich, Northwest-style pale ale is a rare feat of balance: unfiltered, dry-hopped to 40 IBU’s, and deliciously sensational. This beer is a real catch

Kings Tale

WINGERS Hazy Wheat Craft Beer

Hazy Wheat – Hefeweizen – 4.8% ABV

Five American grains come together with Tettnanger hops and Altbier yeast to deliver a soft light taste with subtle notes of citrus. Finish with a lemon wedge and pour with unfiltered pride.

Hazy Wheat Hefeweizen